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Far from Home series

Up‧Hold - 2010
Errant Alien - 2008
Identity of Strange Land - 2007
Roaming - 2007
Not from Here - 2007
In Distress - 2007
Culture Shock - 2006
Because of a Dream - 2006

Far from Home- Errant Alien

Being a foreigner from Taiwan, sometimes I feel I am like an errant alien in the U.S. I am still leading a vagrant life to pursuit my goal and look for my destination. Through a humorous and teasing way, it presents how I look different from and how I exist between others in a Western society. The SUV covered with pink Chinese brocade symbolizes myself, a Taiwanese girl, whose exterior looks meek but who is very strong inside. Even my appearance is Chinese (Taiwanese), but the way to make a living is Western. This pink-covered SUV is a funny and strange character between other cars. It looks fake, but it is functional; it is a real car, but it is covered. It conveys my contradiction and ignorance as a foreigner. Through the photography, it expresses a continuing vagrant journey.

*especially thanks to Alan Krause and Fran Krause supporting the SUV*

Sculpture, Performance (Chinese brocade, SUV, photography)
Dimensions Variable