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Feminine series

Life Movement—Paying Tribute to Gaudi - 2017
Happy Soaring - 2016
Imagination of Home - 2016
You Are My Tender Weapon- Overcoming Hardness with Softness - 2016
Smiling Face as A Flower - Inner Corner - 2015
Smiling Soaring - 2015
Camouflage-Internal - 2012
Camouflage-External - 2011
You Are My tender weapon - 2011
Transforming - 2011
Portrait Puzzzle - 2011
Smiling to Life - 2011
Flower of Life - 2011
Smiling Face as A Flower - Resplendent - 2011
Smiling Face as A Flower - 2011
Bloom - 2011
Day by Day…Day by Day… - 2010
Day by Day...Day by Day... - 2009
Camouflage - 2007
Day by Day…Day by Day… - 2007
Illusion vs. Reality - 2005
Desire - 2005

Feminine - Desire

I tend to express my ambivalent feeling that sometimes I would like to get something but I feel afraid of facing it. I used the image of flower to express my desire toward some wonderful things and different postures of the flowers symbolize different degrees of desire. The colorful flowers seem to burst and attract people’s attention, but the sharp pins in the center of the flowers keep viewers at a distance when viewers come closer.

The shadow of my struggling figure reflects on the corner and these flowers are installed in front of them. It seems that I am tangled with these various desires and frustrated in the corner.

Installation (latex flowers, pins, acrylic colors, silk socks) 2005
Size: 55×68×73 inches (138×170×182cm)