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Guerilla Girls series

Guerrilla Girls - In Between... - 2013
Fairy Tale Illusion - 2012
Bear Light? Heavy? - 2012
Girls War Era - 2012
Guerilla Girls - 2005

Guerilla Girls - Guerilla Girls

When I first came to Savannah, I heard it is a very criminal town. I heard many incidents about the crime happening in Savannah such as the shooting, rape, stalking, and etc. For me, a foreign student, everything was new here and I felt so scared. I have been always cautious and anxious. Therefore, I used the images of the little girls holding the guns or weapons to symbolize that the female and I need to be tough and self-protect. Although these little girls look tiny and meek, when they get together, they can have a strong power. They want to rebel against crime and the unequal treatment. It seems that the girls want to declare to people that “don’t look down on and bully us” and say loudly “Girls, be tough!!”

I made almost one thousand these tiny girls and I installed them in the gallery everywhere, such as bathroom, the entrance of the gallery, corners, reception table, windowsill, and etc.

Installation (plastic army soldiers, acrylic color, napkin)
Date: March/8~March /11/2005
Location: Pei Ling Chen Gallery, Savannah, GA
Size of Each Girl: 2×1.6×0.4 inches (4×1×5cm) (size variable)