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Potential Cell series

No.23 - 2011
No.22 - Knot and Unknot - 2007
No.21 - Body Landscape - 2006
No.20 - 2006
No.19 - Fear Wall - 2006
No.18 - The Origin - 2006
No.17 - 2005
No.16 - Parasite - 2005
No.15 - 2005
No.14 - Inner World - 2005
No.13 - Nostalgia - 2005
No.12 - Ambivalence - 2004

Potential Cell No.13 - Nostalgia

Whenever walking through the hallway in Alexander Hall (my department building at Savannah College of Art and Design), I was so fascinated by the light projected on the wall. I tried to combine the natural light and time with my potential cell-a series of my work with lines. I used glossy color to create my potential cells and the struggling figures on the windows that can be the symbol of me who is nostalgic. I took the white wall as my canvas and my lines and figures projected on the wall would change, vary and move by different time from the floor to the wall. It seems that I am nostalgic and miss my family and friends in my home country in Taiwan all the time.

Installation (glossy color, natural light, time)  2005
Size of Each Window:43×78 inches (108×196cm)
Size of the Wall:272×96 inches (680×240cm)