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Potential Cell series

No.23 - 2011
No.22 - Knot and Unknot - 2007
No.21 - Body Landscape - 2006
No.20 - 2006
No.19 - Fear Wall - 2006
No.18 - The Origin - 2006
No.17 - 2005
No.16 - Parasite - 2005
No.15 - 2005
No.14 - Inner World - 2005
No.13 - Nostalgia - 2005
No.12 - Ambivalence - 2004

Potential Cell No.16 - Parasite

I take the white round shape of the foam cup as cell or organization in my body. The whole piece is like my cell or myself parasitizing in the corner of the building. It seems that a foreign individual parasites here and attempts to spread and extend its power. It looks quiet, but its inner emotion is anxious, nervous and restless. Whenever I feel frustrated, I tend to hide myself in the corner. The sculpture can be the metaphor of me who hope people get closer and listen to its inner voice.

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Installation (foam cup, hot glue, red light, sunset light, sound mix) 2005
Size:113×90×84 inches (282×225×210cm)