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Potential Cell series

No.23 - 2011
No.22 - Knot and Unknot - 2007
No.21 - Body Landscape - 2006
No.20 - 2006
No.19 - Fear Wall - 2006
No.18 - The Origin - 2006
No.17 - 2005
No.16 - Parasite - 2005
No.15 - 2005
No.14 - Inner World - 2005
No.13 - Nostalgia - 2005
No.12 - Ambivalence - 2004

Potential Cell No.18 - "The Origin"

The transparency of the material which people can look through makes it a metaphor for the innocence of a baby, and the origin of life, and the round shape can symbolize cells, genes, a part of the mother’s body, and the cycle of life.
During the process of creating artwork, I often introspect my growing up background and childhood time. Especially, when I feel frustrated, I always long to go back to my origins to restart, since it seems like going back to the beginning of life, the mother’s womb, and the simple happy childhood without troubles. Furthermore, it is also like salmons which have a homing instinct that draws them back to spawn in the river of their birth after 1-3 years in the sea. I long to return to the primordial ocean where original life comes from.


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Installation (resin, liquid plastic, hair, wool, decorative gem, mirror, foam, push light, fabric, sound mix) 2006
Size: 96×96x11 inches (240x240x28cm)